Andrew Smiler

Andrew Smiler’s research examines masculinity and sexuality. His studies of sexuality focus on normative aspects of sexual development, such as age and perception of first kiss, first “serious” relationship, and first intercourse. This work focuses primarily on 15-25 year olds. Dr. Smiler’s masculinity research focuses on definitions of masculinity, including identities such as “jock,” “nerd,” and “rebel,” as well as the influence of preferred media and leisure/extracurricular activities on these norms and identities. These studies include males and females, from teens through older adults. Dr. Smiler also examines the ways that researchers have defined and approached masculinity and gender.

Dr. Smiler obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Mathematics from Virginia Tech, followed by a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Towson University. After five years as a family therapist in the Philadelphia area, he returned to school and earned a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from the University of New Hampshire. He subsequently completed a post-doctoral assistantship at the University of Michigan before joining the faculty at the University at Oswego and then Wake Forest University.

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