In Challenging Casanova, noted expert on teenage and adult masculine behavior Andrew Smiler debunks the stereotype that teenage boys and young men are barely able to control their sex drives; he argues this belief may lead to destructive hyper-sexuality, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Smiler’s goal is to help us all recognize that boys’ sexual development is multi-faceted and to give us the tools we need to keep the stereotype from becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The author also shows how this shift in attitude could help create young men who are more mature and have better relationships with partners and friends. Challenging Casanova:

  • Explains how the Casanova Complex has developed and how it can hurt young males.
  • Provides the latest research-based information on male sexuality, pulling from many sources, including the author’s own studies.
  • It offers guidance for parents and counselors who want to help boys and young men develop lasting and meaningful relationships, as well as for the parents of girls dating these young men.

This book dismantles the stereotypes of boys as driven only by an obsession with having intercourse with multiple partners, and calls for deeper growth and understanding of modern masculinity.

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